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Thursday, January 14, 2016

Passion = Purpose

Hey loves! I hope you have been having a great week. Mine has been busy and productive. I am about to embark on a challenge that makes me a little uncomfortable, but GOD usually leads us to do things that are beyond are comfort zone. When you are pursuing your purpose remember to go out on a limb because that's where the ripe fruit is. I will share with you my experience of getting out of the boat and walking on water in the next post. Stay tuned:-)

Your purpose in life is often directly connected to your passion. Purpose is something we should walk in, but what usually happens is we let people talk us out of our dreams and settle for the path of least resistance because other people can't see the vision. Or we shortchange ourselves by staying where we are comfortable. Always remember that everything great in this world started with a vision and your gifts will make room for you.

Tan Tunic: Forever 21, Necklae: Beyond Envy, Bracelet: LA Fashion District, Leggings: Macys
 Purse: Kate Spade, Photography: Stacey Gutierrez

This is the smile of a woman walking in her purpose and being joyful despite the hurtful actions of others.

To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter or purpose under heaven: Ecclesiastes 3:1
Your purpose is calling
Step to it
Smile and embrace it
 Own it
I see you
Look through a lens of positivity. Go and get everything that is in your vision. Go get it!




josep-maria badia said...

A beautiful look.

Frannie Pantz said...

Best to you in your upcoming endeavors! I love the pretty beige top with these killer boots!

Tomes Edition said...

Can i shop in your accessories corner. You look amazing!

Sweets & Style said...

I love your look- the tunic, the boots and the bag. but what I like the most is your beautiful smile! Have a happy weekend!


Emmylou MW said...

You look beautiful as always, LV:) And can't wait to hear about your experience. Best of luck with everything.:)

Made in Mauve said...

Fab look

Made in MauveBloglovin

Diana Rodriguez-Moore said...

Love this look! The message is just what i needed to read. Thank you!

Diana Rodriguez-Moore said...

Love this look! The message is just what i needed to read. Thank you!

Trang Do said...

Love your style!! Great look!
Love from {a lifestyle, fashion, beauty, and food blog}

Rakel said...

Love your necklace!

Kat asecondglance said...

Tunic and boots is a great look on you. However, my favourite photo is one that doesn't show your outfit at all - the closeup of your radiant smile!

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