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Monday, January 11, 2016

Bottega Louie (LV's LA)

Do you like great architecture? How about sugar?

Bottega Louie has gorgeous marble floors, whitewalls, gold trim, stunning high ceilings, a beautiful open air setting and plenty of sugar. The restaurant is stunning aesthetically and they have the most beautiful display of sugary confections, which include all manner of delicious things that make our jeans too tight.

I digress

 Bottega Louie is one of the best restaurants in downtown Los Angeles and has a great selection of Italian food and pastries. This loud, energetic and gorgeous space is a combination of restaurant, patisserie and gourmet marketplace.  The marketplace section of the restaurant reminds me of Dean and Deluca in New York and Williams Sonoma. 

At the front entrance is a rainbow display of decadent dessert’s and Macarons in every color of the rainbow. Every dessert you even think you want, I am sure they have it. Loud, energetic and lots of people watching make this a fun spot to indulge in Italian food and sweet treats. If you are looking for quiet and romantic, this is not the spot, but if you want LOUD, Lively and festive with good food, this is it. If you choose to dine during peak hours, expect crowds and long lines. 

Perusing all of the delicious possibilities
We started with the Modena salad  with butter lettuce, candied walnuts, goat cheese, shallots and balsamic vinaigrette. It was a delicious way to start the meal and the salad was fresh and had the perfect mix of savory and a hint of sweet crunch from the walnuts
 Our server brought this delicious piping hot bread and whipped butter. I could have eaten about five more of these loafs

 For the main course we had shrimp scampi with grilled giant tiger prawns, yukon gold mashed potatoes and white wine marinere sauce and to satisfy my carnivore craving, we also had short ribs that were prepared with landon ragu,white polenta, sage and ricotta. Both dishes were very tasty and flavorful
Such a beautiful space

Bottega Louie is bustling with people every time I go. So expect it to be very LOUD

with the open kitchen, people watching and Parisian vibe, you will never have a dull moment

 After a sumptuous meal. The desserts started calling

 I told the cakes, cookies and this fresh berry tart that I wasn't home
The desserts kept calling

I tried to say no

so tempting

really tempting

They have such an amazing display of packaged gift items. I always leave with a box of macarons or some other sweet treat

You can treat yourself or someone you love to something sweet:-)

The desserts kept calling, so I finally answered. We indulged in warm Beignets and coffee by candlelight. The Beignets were served with Nutella and a raspberry dipping sauce. Both of them were absolutely divine

 I can't think of a more perfect way to end a meal
Well, the only thing that tops coffee and beignets, is to buy a box of macarons to take home so you can munch on them later with coffee and a good book


Reservations are not taken at Bottega Louie, so unless you go during non peak hours, expect a long wait, but the sugar rush from dessert will make you forget how long you waited for your table:-)

Bottega Louie
700 South Grand Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90017





We Are Not Martha said...

What a great space... And those macarons are STUNNING!!


Emmylou MW said...

If I ever go back to LA, I wanna go here! The place looks awesome, and so does the food...yumyum....

Tomes Edition said...

I'm a sucka for shrimp. The desert are so mouth watering. Great capture!

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