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Monday, May 23, 2016

Creme de Menthe

 Hey Loves! I hope you have had a great weekend. I haven't posted in a while, but it was necessary to step away. It has been a great time of rest for me. Mentally and Physically. I am a single mom, so downtime is not something I have a lot of, but I felt the need to take some extended time away from social media.  It was refreshing and a great digital detox because sometimes all of that can be just too much.

I am beginning to explore some of the activities I had been to busy to do before and rediscovering some things I have always been passionate about. The ensemble I am wearing is a monochromatic palette of taupe with a nice sprinkle of color from my mint green shoes. This outfit kind of makes me think of those Andes creme de menthe bars:-)

Top: Nordstrom, Sloan Slacks: Banana Republic, Bag: Coach, Shoes: (old)

I love mixing different shades of the same color

Most people associate me with lots of bold vibrant color, but I am a huge fan of neutral colors too because they are so versatile and look good with everything.

This look is very streamlined, so I thought this gold cuff and a statement ring were a great accent without taking away from the outfit

Do you like neutral colors and monochromatic looks?

Have an amazing day!

Friday, May 20, 2016

Living Offline

Sometimes I get tired of social media.

Really tired.

On any given day my eyes and ears are assaulted by a Petri dish of inappropriate status updates, pictures and an ample serving of bad news I didn't ask for. I get tired of superfluous status updates and interactions with the depth of a Koi Pond. I'm tired of too much information and status updates that belong in a diary, or those talking about their haters (they aint got none). Stories that are dark, dismal and dank when I prefer my life in the sunshine.

It leaves me wanting...
some substance and depth
finding it is daunting.

Social media overload has me and it probably has you too.

Make it stop.

I know I am not the only one who is tired, but social media moves with a quickness. It grows on us swift and sneaky like an e-coli colony on a piece of lukewarm steak. This epidemic of social media oversharing is the equivalent of kindergarten show and tell on steroids. Our society has become addicted to social media.

Can we call an addiction an addiction?

There are those who despite their best efforts find themselves attached to their cellphone like a high grade Neodymium magnet and can't get through breakfast, lunch or dinner without looking at their phone or jumping at every "ding" their phone makes with random status updates. Giving those in their presence the level of attention an unfaithful lover gives his side piece.

Part time and half assed.

Make it stop.

Real authentic connections cannot take place when people are so overzealous about social media that they cannot embrace the real and present moment. That warm human touch you can't get from a computer screen is fading faster than a pair of distressed jeans sitting in a bucket of bleach. The irony of social media is that it has made many of us less social.

Can we get back to real living and real interaction instead of living in a plastic bubble of social media superficiality? We are turning into a society that is letting social media superimpose on a real moment. It only takes a second and "blink" you missed it.

It doesn't look like social media is going anywhere, so we may not be able to make it stop, but we can certainly put things back into their rightful place. And now as I hit the publish button, I am off to have a human moment because I crave that warm fuzzy touch you can't get from a computer screen or cell phone.

Sunday, May 1, 2016

Blog Break (Be Back soon)

Hey Loves! There comes a time when other things take priority over social media. I am feeling the need to take a blog vacation and do a much needed digital detox. I will be back to posting soon, but for the moment, I need to shift my focus in a a major way.  Talk to you soon:-)
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