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Saturday, July 25, 2015

Hot n Sweet Chicken

I love fried chicken and I really love KFC. Nope, not the KFC you might think, but this is definitely fingerlickin good stuff. Not just fingerlickin, but suck the bone good. Ever had chicken like that? 

 I feel so sorry for you if you haven't, but you can lick fingers and suck bones too if you venture out and try some Korean Fried Chicken (KFC).  This type of chicken is different from its American counterpart because it is double fried, and bathed in a sweet glaze of garlicky goodness.  I don't need much help finding delicious foods to get addicted to, but thanks to my colleagues I can now add this local joint to the list. Hot n Sweet Chicken takes traditional wings and pizza and puts a tasty Asian twist on them and the end result is a delectable fusion of Korean and American.

The pizza that this local eatery is known for is Bulgogi, which is a marinated beef.  Bulgogi  pizza  definitely has its own unique flavor.  My son and I frequent lots of pizza joints, but I think his taste buds might need to grow up a little before I can bring him here:-)

  I don't usually eat salad with chopsticks, but this simple slaw tossed with Thousand Island dressing is the house starter salad and it is served with chopsticks rather than a fork

The wings come in delicious flavors such as garlic fried chicken and sweet garlic, which are two of the most popular, but you can be adventurous like me and try all of them:-)

This is definitely a great casual spot to venture out of your pepperoni pizza and buffalo wing comfort zone. Hot N Sweet is located in Arcadia and is a bit of a drive if you are not in the San Gabriel Valley/Arcadia side of town, but worth a visit if you are in the area

 Doesn't this slice of bulgogi pizza look delish? This is the perfect spot to grab some takeout for those Netflix marathon days when we could all use a little KFC and a slice of pepperoni pizza's Korean cousin...Bulgogi.

Hot n Sweet Chicken
48 E. Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91006

Monday, July 20, 2015


Hey loves, hope you are having a good summer. It seems like it is going by so fast. Enjoying the milder weather because it is so much better to have blue skies and warm sunshine without scorching heat. My ensemble includes a mix of stripes bold coral and neutral colored pants. I have always loved stripes, dots and leopard and always find a way to incorporate them into my style.

Blazer: Old Navy, Striped Shirt: F-21, Slacks: specialty boutique, Shoes: BCBG Paris, Clutch: DIY, Photography: Stacey Gutierrez

I love these shoes and it is rare to find a closed toe strappy shoe. 
I have had this blazer for quite some time and of course I snagged it from the sales rack at Old Navy. It looks like a typical blazer in the front, but has some unique gathering in the back of the jacket.
 I am reflecting on what a great weekend I had. I went to a concert and had a great time with a good friend. It reminds me that no matter how busy we get, it is important to take a little time to enjoy ourselves. Don't you agree?
 This clutch was made by a friend and I and it is reversible and can be worn white and black or black and white. Truly a versatile piece. I love it!
It's been a minute since I posted a recipe, but I am really enjoying all the great produce available in the summer months, so I will be sharing some great salad recipes with you

 So much going on this summer, but enjoying every bit of it

 Have an amazing week!

Saturday, July 18, 2015

Pay Attention...

I have a heart for people. I give people a lot of passes, even the ones that don't deserve it. Sometimes I see a clear visual of who someone is and I try to paint a new picture. The reality is that even when people aren't talking they are saying something. Sometimes the loudest message comes from what is not spoken.

And then there are those times when what is not spoken parallels with what is spoken and the pain of what you see is like a jagged javelin going straight into your heart. And the pain of your discovery has you in an Anacondas grip.



And if you are not careful, it will choke the life out of you. I believe that every problem has a solution and sometimes its simple. No matter how subtle, when someone shows you who they better believe it. Deception is subtle and never obvious, otherwise it wouldn't be deception.

Have you ever discovered something about someone that you wish you didn't know?
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