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Saturday, September 5, 2015


Hey Loves! Since so many of you through your emails and comments express your appreciation for my accessories, I thought I would share some photos from previous posts that feature some of my most colorful, vibrant and unusual pieces. Beautiful jewels is something many covet and unique accessories is something we can't help but notice.
I think of jewelry and accessories like icing. A great cake can certainly stand on its own, but icing adds more flavor, depth and texture. Accessories are the same way. The right accessories can completely transform and elevate your look. I love eye catching jewelry and accessories and have acquired many beautiful pieces over the years.

The beautiful necklace here was a gift from my very first sponsor: Mimi Boutique

The unusual bracelet here came from an Indian Boutique in my old neighborhood

This unusual and one of a kind piece has a gorgeous array of colorful stones

Bold statement pieces have always been a part of my signature look

This ring is one of my favorites and goes with everything

These bangles with mint green are always perfect for spring and summer, but look great any time of year

This beautiful ring with gold and neutral copper stones blends seamlessly with anything

Love the bold colors on these bracelet

This pretty green ring looks amazing against neutral colors

This unusual pink ring and these colorful bangles are among my favorites and pink and orange is a combo I have always really loved

The neutral color of this Marc New York Bag makes it very versatile and easy to pair with lots of colors

 So how do you like to put on your Icing?


Mary M. said...

Love that first bag, it's so incredible!!

Have a lovely weekend,
Mary x

We Are Not Martha said...

I just love the word "icing" to describe accessories :) And that Indian bracelet is EVERYTHING.


Glenesse Nick said...

Love your taste in rings!
Mine is so simple, I find myself not even wearing any.
& i love that first clutch. ♥♥

LV said...

@MaryM, Thanks doll! This is definitely a favorite of mine

@We are not Martha, Glad you like my LVism way of describing things:-) Yes the Indian bracelet is a rare and unique design

@Glenesse Nick, my taste in rings used to be simple, but I love the way statement rings enhance an outfit. Thank you hun for your sweet compliment. I love the clutch too!

Antionette Blake said...

I love them all especially the large pink ring as I also have it in clear and blue. Accessories always makes an outfit pop and for some reason makes you feel better about the day! Looking good lady!

Kat asecondglance said...

I'm such a sucker for 'roundup' posts, so I loved seeing your fantastic accessories in one place.
The pink ring and colourful bangles are my favourites. I can't help but notice you're more of a hand and wrist accessorizer. I like statement earrings and necklaces because it have a petite face and tall neck, and they draw the eye upward.

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