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Saturday, August 29, 2015

The Perfect Black Handbag

I love handbags.Seriously? I quite love them. I have a nice collection of bags, but it is the black handbags that are the most versatile. Every woman needs a great black handbag in her wardrobe. My Michael Kors Hamilton is such a versatile bag, that I wear it for work, play and everything in between. 
So often I have gotten requests from lots of you to see my handbag collection and my jewelry collection, so I thought this post on the versatility of a classic black handbag was timely. Michael Kors has become very trendy in recent years, but the shape and structure of the Hamilton bag is classic and I prefer classic and timeless over trendy any day of the week. Stay tuned for a fun post on the beautiful, unusual eyecatching statement jewelry in my collection, but for now lets take a look at how versatile a great black handbag can be.

This bag can be seen in multiple posts like this one with vibrant orange and my signature statement jewelry. you can see more of this post by clicking here
Great for work like this classic stripe on stripe ensemble. See more of this post by clicking here
Perfect any time of year. See more of this look by clicking here
Perfect with leopard. See more here

Fun, playful, classic, timeless. See more of this fun look here  
Don't you just love a great handbag? I know I do:-)



Tomes Edition said...

It definitely a classy bag!

Glenda said...

Michael Kors doesn't know this, but he's my bestfriend :) His fashion lines and accessories are always so perfect Americana meets Jet-set.

LV said...

@Tomes Edition, Thank you sweetie!

@ Glenda, I feel the same way:-)

Kat asecondglance said...

That is one GREAT bag.

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