Food Fashion and Flow: Rock Sugar (LV's LA)   

Sunday, July 27, 2014

Rock Sugar (LV's LA)

Have you ever went to a restaurant that was so intriguing you wanted to linger long after the last guest is gone? I love the ambiance at Rock Sugar just as much as I love the diverse selection of Pan Asian food that touches every type of Asian food  from the sweet notes that seduce your palate, to the fiery hot spices that incinerate your taste buds. They've got it all and then some.

The lounge with its cozy fire pits and Asian artifacts are the perfect place to take in the setting with a luscious libation in hand to view all the beautiful people that complement the gorgeous scenery. The weather was perfect for enjoying the outdoor patio, so rather than dine in the beautifully ornate interior of the restaurant, my companion and I chose to take in the summer breeze and watch the sun go down.

Instead of the traditional bread basket, these tasty sesame rice crips with chili dipping sauce get your palate ready for a culinary trip to Asia

This blood orange Sangria was refreshing, effervescent, crisp and sweet. If a drink could taste like summer, this would be it. If you like sweet drinks this delicious Sangria with a blend of Champagne, Riesling, blood orange puree, kaffir and calamansi is absolutely sublime

 These spring rolls are eaten Vietnamese style by taking a big leafy piece of lettuce and wrapping it around the entire spring roll before dipping it into the delicious sauce

These chicken satay skewers bring a little taste of Thailand

 A little pit stop in India. These delicious chicken samosas are served with a tasty cilantro yogurt dipping sauce

Absolutely stunning decor

 Every detail is eye candy

 These Thai noodles were definitely a favorite

Lemongrass roasted chicken is very aromatic, although I am not sure I would order this again


 To the good life!

 Tempura Tiger Shrimp with chiles, cilantro and palm sugar glaze

 Don't these tiger shrimp look amazing?

 The butter cake is absolutely scrumptious and the fresh mango, blueberries and rich condensed milk ice cream were delicious

 The caramelized banana cake was the perfect birthday treat! This is one of the signature desserts and has a caramelized top reminiscent of creme brulee and moist cake, accompanied with milk chocolate ice cream, malted cream anglaise and nut brittle

 As the evening went on, the lounge got pretty cozy, so we enjoyed a little fireside conversation and relaxation. What a great way to cap off the evening:-)

 Definitely one of my favorite spots in Los Angeles

If you haven't been to Rock Sugar, it is definitely worth checking out. Dining here can be pricey, so if you want a compete dining experience, be prepared to pay for it. The atmosphere and the diverse selection of Asian dishes make it a great choice to enjoy a meal on a special occasion, or just because:-)

Rock Sugar
10250 Santa Monica Blvd
Century City, CA 90067 


Glenda said...

Oh gosh, everything looks heavenly. I would love to visit this restaurant, but unfortunately, I am very allergic to peanuts.

sophia La Style said...

Love the food
Giveaway on my blog.

Tomes Edition said...

That ambiance is everything. You're making me hungry. The food looks so delicious.

Guru Uru said...

What an elegant restaurant to visit, the food looks fantastic :D

Choc Chip Uru

Sing of Singature Style said...

This place is stunning.

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