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Friday, July 25, 2014


In this life, you need a good friend. At least one. As we get older, our circles tend to get smaller and sometimes it isn't always the people you have known the longest who go the extra mile. What matters the most is a friend that shows how much they value you by their actions. I used to place a lot of value on the length of time people were in my life, but that's nothing but mathematics. 
When a friend is genuine they prove it to you again and again and again. Some pretend well, but actions will always show someone's heart towards you. I am grateful to have friends in my life, but those that I can really trust and that I know are authentic is a very small number, but all you need is one. 

Even if you have only one other soul that you can call a friend, you are indeed blessed.


MarkD60 said...

Nice post! Although I am disappointed that there are no new pictures of you in it!

Glenda said...

Lovely :)

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