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Friday, September 13, 2013

Surfas Culinary District+ Cafe Surfas

Culinary shops have a special effect on me. Shops like Williams Sonoma, Sur La Table and Surfas Culinary District are like Disneyland for a foodie like me. I am just as at home in a culinary store as I am in a swanky high fashion boutique. If you live in Los Angeles, Surfas Culinary District is a food lovers dream and the in house cafe (Cafe Surfas) makes insanely delicious food and desserts. I often shop at Surfas when I am looking for extra unique ingredients or that something special that I can't find in a regular grocery store.
The store boasts a wide array of exotic spices, unusual jams and syrups, pungent cheeses, pasta in every shape size and color that you can imagine and every ingredient you need to make drool worthy desserts.

I recently had lunch with a friend at Cafe Surfas after searching the aisles for rose petal jelly and lavender sugar. The lunch did not disappoint. The salad of spring mix and a rainbow of edible flowers was light and delicious. My Turkey sandwich had marinated green beans, red onion marmalade, raclette cheese and roasted tomatoes. It was absolutely delightful, but I had to get used to eating green beans in a sandwich. Unexpected and unique indeed.

What an amazing selection of olive oil and every other cooking oil you can fathom

 All the flavored syrups your heart desires. These are great for making mocktails or putting into your coffee and of course they are perfect for creating desserts

 I never met a cheese I didn't like

 If you try these Surfas freshly made pickles, you will never want the ones in the jar again

 Green Tea Chocolate? Don't mind if I do

The cafe is a quaint little place to stop for a quick bite

Salads and artisan sandwiches

Who can resist a great sandwich?

Every old and new school soda you can imagine

Red Velvet Cake

Lemon Tarts, Macaroons and Tarts

Cheddar and Chive 72 Layer Biscuit? Get in my mouth right now!

Melt in your mouth cupcakes

Cookies cookies and more cookies:-)

The close up shot above did not show this scrumptious salad. This was the perfect lunch. Even if you are not a chef or someone who likes to cook, just go to the cafe and grab some good eats

I don't think I have ever seen a more beautiful salad. The edible petals added a hint of texture and a slight bitter edge similar to radicchio, which was a great complement to the balsamic salad dressing
 Watermelon lemonade is the perfect thirst quencher

After much pondering over the delicious desserts, I went with a lavender lemon bar, which was very very very lemony and tart with a strong note of lavender

This lemon bar with fresh lavender on top was the perfect sweet ending. This is a great spot for a quick and inexpensive lunch made with fresh ingredients and that gourmet flair that feels like 5 star dining in a casual setting. If you are a vegan or have food restrictions, they have a great selection of vegetarian items on the menu that will make you smile as much as your carnivore loving friends.

Surfas Culinary District & Cafe Surfas
8777 Washington Blvd
Culver City, CA 90232


Emmylou said...

Ohmygosh! That green tea chocolate!!!! I honestly wish I can eat the pics, LV:D
Have a great weekend!

yummychunklet said...

Oh, the macarons and anything with lavender seals the deal for me!

LV said...

@Emmylou, yes that Green tea chocolate is insane!

@yummychunklet, yep I love macaroons too and there is just something about lavender. What else can you drink, eat and take a bath in? LOL

Beauty said...

Nice post; my mouth just watered as I looked at all the yummy pictures...:)

~Jeimy~ said...

Yummy yum yum love everything!

MarkD60 said...

I know I would love this deli. Your sandwich looks great! And I like it when the sandwiches are made in advance so I can get it and go!

61 youtstre

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

I had to scroll back up on those cheddar chive biscuits! You live in a city with the best eateries! I'm jealous!

Kat asecondglance said...

I first read this post last week, and upon rereading it, I suddenly realized where I got my urge to bake a batch of cheddar scones. Sneaky!

If I had lavender you can bet I'd be whipping up some lemon bars now too ;)

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