Food Fashion and Flow: Bloom   

Friday, September 25, 2015


I never met a flower I didn't like. I love all types of flowers and frequently have fresh bouquets around the house. God thinks a lot about flowers too. He values them so much that there are over a million species of flowers in the world. Each flower is unique, colorful and beautiful. Just like those stunning flowers that God created, you are beautiful too. There is something unique and beautiful about you and no one else has it. I think if more of us realized that we are unique creations, we would stop focusing on the flower blooming next to us.  Be the light that you want to see in others and remember that embracing another woman's beauty and positive attributes does not diminish your own.

I adore roses, but I have a special spot for french tulips. Have you ever noticed that they tend to droop a little bit when you put them in a vase? French Tulips lean towards the sun, which is the reason they lean over in a vase. They are looking for the light...

Guess what? Somebody is looking for you? Because if your heart is pure and right, then you are light and we need more of that in this world





There are some flowers that go through a different process and those flowers are among the most awe inspiring, but those flowers are the way they are because they started as a small seed that had to grown during rough, unpredictable and inclement conditions. As a matter of fact, it emerged from somewhere no one expected and that is the most amazing part.
You are an amazing creation. It doesn't matter if you are a Rose, Tulip, Peony, Tiger Lily, Anthurium, Sunflower, or a Hydrangea, YOU are beautiful, just remember to smile and celebrate the flower next to you instead of competing with it. (you can enjoy a similar post by clicking here)

And now its time for you to do what you do best...BLOOM


Glenda said...

Such a lovely post. I often compare the life of a woman with flowers - it just seems so appropriate. I love tulips as well.

Emmylou MW said...

Agree with the comment above...such a lovely post, LV:) Flowers always make everything better IMO.

Wynne Prasetyo said...

beautiful post, great way to make people easily relate to and be inspired by flowers. <3 i love flowers too, my favourite is probably not one particular type of flower but more a mix of several different types, i find beauty in the combination of petal shapes and colors :)

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