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Friday, August 7, 2015

Yellow Inspiration

Hey loves!  I was just thinking about the color yellow and how vibrant and eye catching it can be. Through the history of this blog I have worn yellow more than a few times. Yellow is such a happy color and what better color to brighten up your summer days:-)

Here are some inspiration photos of all the different ways I have incorporated yellow into my wardrobe and be sure to check out the Limoncello Tiramisu recipe, which appeared in an earlier post and is included in this post since it is such a perfect summer recipe. I hope you have been enjoying your summer and the beautiful weather.

This post is from my birthday a few years back

Yellow and a little pattern mixing with zebra and stripes

Yellow pairs well with dark colors, neutrals and hints of other bold colors used sparingly like I have done with my shoes and jewelry

I think this just might be the perfect summer dessert. This Limoncello Tiramisu is full of bright citrus flavor. Don't worry about the alcohol content in the Limoncello Liqueur because when you cook with alcohol the alcoholic content cooks out of it and leaves only the great flavor. You can find the recipe here 
and read about my hilarious experience of tasting Limoncello Liqueur for the first time.
Did you ever think yellow was such a versatile color?
 Yellow with stripes and leopard
Yellow and black always makes me think of bumblebees:-)

I hope my different interpretations of yellow encourage to experiment more with it in your wardrobe. The look above is a very recent look from this summer and I think the animal print pumps add a little pizazz to a very classic, yet stylish look. 

 Have an amazing day!


Kat asecondglance said...

You look radiant in yellow! I love the colour but it does nothing for me so I stick to using it in home decor, haha.

Frannie Pantz said...

Yellow is my favorite color! It looks so amazing on you! Love that peplum so much!

Kerissa said...

I've always been a fan of the color yellow especially because I can wear it all year here in South Florida. Love the striped dress and color blocked shoes.

fashionlikealife said...

amazing post and blog!



Tomes Edition said...

Yellow looks really good on you!

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