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Saturday, June 21, 2014

Gracias Madre (LV's LA)

 Gracias Madre means: "Thanks Mom" in Spanish. I find the concept of Vegan Mexican food intriguing. I am not Vegan by any stretch of the imagination, but I quite love eating here. When I mentioned Vegan Mexican to some of my friends, they were quite amused, especially my Latino friends. I got responses like: "Um, really LV, if its Vegan, it aint Mexican. No es bueno"

If its Vegan Mexican, it can't be real Mexican food, but actually this is definitely the real deal. This is Mexican food  reinterpreted with farm fresh vegetables, rather than meat. If you are a carnivore, you might be hesitant, but don't be. The dishes are quite flavorful and really filling.

 I sin rather boldly when it comes to food. I eat plenty of things I shouldn't, but Gracias Madre makes me feel better about my food heathen ways. These fresh corn tortillas are the perfect prelude to a great meal. What a great way to get the party started!

I could not resist this cocktail that is basically an adult snow cone sitting on top of a delicious libation of: Tequila Blanco, Muddled Kiwi, Mint, Lemon, Agave Nectar, Lime Bitters, and Hielo Raspado Bitters. Sounds intriguing right? This delicious drink is called La Quinceanera

Delicious and the perfect balance of sweetness. If you like a little snowcone with your liquor:-) Give this a try.

The Ensalada Des Espinacas, is a delicious blend of spinach, grilled asparagus, mint, snap peas, shitake mushroom and mandarin aged balsamic . This was absolutely delicious

The sweet potato flautas had a nice blend of caramelized onions, pico de galla, guacamole, cashew nacho cheese, and cilantro. The savory black beans were the perfect complement to balance the hint of sweetness from the sweet potato. You will find plenty of interesting twists on classics with a plant based vegan flair

 The restaurant space is absolutely gorgeous inside and out

The rustic decor makes the space warm and inviting

I have a little less than two weeks before my birthday, but my good friend and I decided to start celebrating a little early, so this is birthday celebration number one:-) more to follow!

Peach  cobbler with homemade vanilla bean coconut ice cream. Absolutely delicious! The peaches were not quite as sweet as my southern taste buds are accustomed to, but the ice cream added the extra element the peaches were missing

This gluten free vegan fudge brownie had me floored by how good it was.The base of this is made with black beans and as crazy as that sounds, this tasted pretty awesome. The Mezcal Caramel sauce, cashew cream and coconut bacon made this so good that it tasted every bit as good as its less healthy counterparts. The desserts were delicious, decadent, sweet and sinful. You get the point, right?

 I'm not embarrassed to say that when we finished this, I went around the plate with my finger to get the last of the caramel sauce. Well, at least I didn't lick the plate. I really wanted to though.

Nothing like wonderful friends and great food:-)

Doesn't a great meal make you feel good?
 This is the perfect restaurant to enjoy delicious and healthy Mexican food in a gorgeous setting. Pay no attention to the Hollywood starlets at the next table...Just eat:-)

Gracias Madre
8905 Melrose Ave
West Hollywood, CA 90069


Glenda said...

Ok, I find this hard to believe. The food looked delicious and decadent. Looks like I have a new restaurant to try!

Emmylou said...

I'm not vegan, but this is just a great concept for a restaurant. Thanks for sharing, as always, your awesome food pics, LV:)
Happy Monday!

MarkD60 said...

Dayum! do you really eat that much? (just teasing!) Everything looks great! And of course you're beautiful as always!

francesca romana capizzi said...

I am not vegan at all but I'd like to try this place!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Because Shanna Said So said...

What a fun place and concept!! I agree, I wouldn't think Mexican could be vegan, but I think you sold me with this post! YUM!

the chilicool said...

wow, It's all delicious!

Cheryl van den Berg said...

Flautas are some of my favorite things to eat, ever. And those desserts just look quite amazing!

Sing of Singature Style said...

Looks delish, especially that drink.

High Heels & Good Meals! said...

OMG! This food, especially the dessert looks AMAZING!

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