Food Fashion and Flow: Post and Beam (LV's LA)   

Friday, November 22, 2013

Post and Beam (LV's LA)

The thing about hidden gems is that they are very easy to miss. Nestled in a corner of the Baldwin Hills shopping center is an impressive gem of a restaurant that you should definitely try. It is easy to get excited about fresh and original takes on southern cooking infused with a distinctly California flair with fresh farm to table produce. Chef Govind Armstrong flexes his culinary muscles with food that is as diverse as the staff and the clientele of the restaurant. Woodfired pizza, Succulent Salmon, delicious sandwiches accented with kale chips and plenty of palate seducing sweet treats.

Make sure you start your meal with the fresh baked cornbread and whipped honey butter. The vibe here is open, relaxed and casual.  The outdoor patio and herb garden are a perfect spot for relaxing and enjoying your meal in the Cali sunshine:-)

 Decisions Decisions

Cornbread up close and personal:-) 

 A little crunchy around the edges, but still delicious

This salmon with celeriac did not disappoint. If you have never had celeriac it is a root vegetable and although it reminds me of potato, it is a nice non starchy alternative and low carb

This is not just an ordinary chicken sandwich. The collard green relish and cajun mayo make this buttermilk fried chicken  sandwich extra special
These kale chips were refreshingly different and surprisingly good

The lovely outdoor patio and herb garden
Don't get me started on the sweet endings...

There is nothing like a warm apple crisp with vanilla bean ice cream melting on top of it

look at that

I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy this olive oil cake was. The strawberry compote and ice cream laced with pistachio was perfect

The real super star of all the sweet treats is this sweet potato pecan pie with vanilla whipped cream. I make a pretty mean sweet potato pecan pie myself and I could easily see myself making late night pie runs to have this. If I had been in the restaurant alone, I would have licked every bit of the caramel and whipped cream off the plate

I never met a sweet potato pie I didn't like

This is so worth running an extra 3 miles for.

The next time you have a hankering for southern cooking or just great interpretations of farm to table ingredients, give Post and Beam a try. 
Post and Beam
3767 Santa Rosalia Drive
Los Angeles, CA 90008


Dora said...

That salmon looks so delicious! I love the idea of having a herb garden where the patio is

Miss Daja said...

OMG this looks amazing. You made me forget that I just ate lunch. LOL peer pressure.

Miss Daja

Miss Dre said...

I salivate each time I visit your site, LV! That salmon looks yummy :)

Vett Vandiver said...

omg all this food looks incredible!!

Kat asecondglance said...

Good lord!! Canada's malls have no much to aspire to if this is the kind of place where you can grab a bite while shopping. I'm impressed!

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