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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

MB Post Manhattan Beach (LV's LA)

What if I told you that there was a restaurant that would make you love green vegetables? Don't look at me like that. I'm serious. 
I like vegetables, I LOVE chocolate cake.  There is finally a place that makes me LOVE eating green vegetables.

There have not been many restaurants that I would go to just for the delicious vegetables, but MB Post in Manhattan Beach is one of those spots.  The vegetables are amazing, but I must tell you that if you don't order anything else, get the bacon cheddar biscuits served with whipped maple butter.
 You don't eat pork? These are worth eating even if you don't eat bacon. They are that good! Flaky buttery biscuits with a generous sprinkling of cheddar cheese and bacon bits and a hint of sweet from the maple butter.   Go ahead and sneak a few and I won't tell anyone that you cheated on your vegan diet. It'll be our little secret.

The atmosphere is industrial and rustic with a beach vibe. The name MB Post is a nod to the facility once being a Manhattan Beach Post office.  The influence of the post office is cleverly translated in everything from the decor to the personal mail that is a prelude to the meal. My table had a personalized envelope with my name on it and menus tucked inside. Each time I come here, I always get a kick out of that:-) 

The restaurants tagline “a social house’ is the perfect description because the MB Post is a great place to socialize and the communal tables throughout the restaurant encourage lots of it, plates are served small plate style and meant for sharing. The food is so flavorful that if there is a place all the chefs go to dine on their night off, this is probably it. 

There is good seafood, poultry and a healthy dose of beef and pork and plenty of unique vegetable dishes to balance it out. Comfort food by the shore and I'll take it any day of the week:-)

Servers are friendly and very attentive. I loved that they created a virgin raspberry Mojito for me when I told my server I wanted a great drink without alcohol.

The personal touch definitely enhances the dining experience

You've got mail!
Virgin Raspberry Mojito

Blistering Blue Lake Green Beans with thai basil, chili sauce, and crispy pork

These green beans were amazing
Tuscan Kale Quinoa Salad with roasted beets, pinenuts, tomato and goat cheese
Kale Quinoa Salad
 These biscuits are so good they deserve their own seperate blog post. It is actually obscene how good they are
 This is complete debauchery. Look at this biscuit? And topped with a slather of the whipped maple butter. The biscuits turned most of us into food perverts on the spot. There were lots of restaurant patrons having love affairs with their biscuits

 My dear friend who is like the little sister I never had made the food adventure even more fun:-)

 Skirt Steak with Red Chimchurri sauce. The steak was delicious, but the sauce was so spicy that we just ate the steak without it

This honey laced fried chicken is finger lickin good. The menu is always changing, but if you come for brunch, you have a good chance of finding this chicken on the menu
 Love this sign

Such fun decor

How cool is this bike on the wall? LOL

Communal tables

Don't be fooled by this photo. It is never empty here. I was able to take some great shots since I got there right when they opened. But within 20 minutes, It was a full house

This is what it looked like within ten minutes of opening

 The communal tables are great if you go with your family or a group of friends, or feel in the mood to meet some new ones:-) They also have private tables as well

 Valrhona Chocolate Salted Caramel Tart with vanilla whipped cream. You have no idea how insanely delicious this was. I really wanted to shove the whole thing in my mouth, but you just can't act like that in front of company

 This blurry shot is after the demolition started taking place. We really went in on this

When the sun starts to go down, a moonlight stroll to the pier is perfect after such a satisfying meal

It is always the cherry on top to walk out of the restaurant and see this. The restaurant is about one block from the Manhattan Beach pier. Great location!

I was able to get some great shots as the sun went down

The restaurant is the perfect blend of upscale meets
 laid back beach vibe

This is one of the South Bay's best restaurants and well worth a visit or two, or three.  The restaurant is open for dinner from 5:00-10:00 pm Monday-Saturday and brunch Saturday and Sunday. This is the perfect place. Great food, drinks and atmosphere. 

MB Post
1142 Manhattan Ave
Manhattan Beach, CA 90266


Dora said...

Those vegetables look incredible! I think I would cheat on my diet with those biscuits :D


~Jeimy~ said...

wow everything looks delicious your photos are amazing love them all!!!

yummychunklet said...

The green beans and the biscuits look so good!

Emmylou said...

Such great pics, LV:) I am drooling over that kale quinoa salad...two of my fave ingredients:D

Carsedra McKoy said...
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Carsedra McKoy said...

This place looks so cool and the food looks so yummy! Now I am hungry.................

Carsedra McKoy:

Janae Holmes said...

I work so close this location! I must try it very soon and those biscuits looks amazing in photo alone, so I can only imagine how good they tasted!

Kat asecondglance said...

I love reading your restaurant review posts, as you never know what to expect. I got a real laugh out of turning into food perverts and having love affairs with your food. Also a surprise? That beautiful coastal sunset nearby!

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