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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Penny Tales + Green and Pink

Happy Tuesday! This week is starting off pretty calm compared to last week. I got a call from my son's school that he had swallowed a penny. So I went into panic mommy mode and rushed him to the emergency room. Would you believe this little guy was more excited about getting  to miss school. 

So as I am speeding to the hospital he says: "Hey mom, I get to miss school and we get to hang out the rest of the day" Um yeah. Hang out in the emergency room. So the staff has a great time joking with my son about being a human piggy bank. The doctor said he sees cases like this all the time and that my son would pass the penny when he went to the bathroom. 

So they give me a supply of popsicle sticks and sent me on my way. The nurses all laugh and tell me to have fun treasure hunting.  So long story short, the next day after I gave my son a fiber bar disguised as coffee cake, a big creamy mound of S**t was waiting for me 45 minutes later. My son was quite excited and then the words no mom wants to hear:

" Hey mom get the popsicle sticks" trust me you have not lived until you have to search through your kids poop for a penney. And then my son started screaming like he won the lottery: "my penney my penney!!!!!! yippeee! So my son learned a valuable lesson about sticking coins in his mouth and I will never look at popsicle sticks the same way.  If you have kids, you probably have some pretty crazy stories too. If you are not a parent yet, trust me, stuff like this is in your future. LOL

And now on to fashion:-) Most of my outfit is thrifted with the exception of my accessories. I am getting pretty lucky finding dresses for under $2.00 at the thrift store. How is that for recession proof shopping?

This dress has an interesting hemline, although I am not quite sure how I feel about it

I got this lovely bracelet at an Indian store

Have an amazing day! And by the way, what crazy stories do you have to tell?


Frannie Pantz said...

LOL A human piggy bank! Aw poor little guy but at least he has his mother's awesome positive attitude! And you look absolutely stunning to boot! Love the color combo! Sorry about the penny situation, but at least you can look back and laugh! Hope this week is a lot better for you!

Emmy said...

That dress is such a great find, LV! And LOL on your story. The same thing happened to one of my kiddos. He swallowed a dime when he was three years old! SIgh...these kids....

MarkD60 said...

Those shoes are very very sexy!

What's up with the word verification?

2328 enukin

LV said...

@Frannie, Thanks Hun!

@Emmy, yep these kids are something else, LOL

@MarkD60, I hate using the word verification, but I was getting hundreds and hundreds of anonymous comments from spambots and the only way to make it stop was to use the word verification.

Ticka said...

Looking FLY as usual!! Love those shoes! And the colors are awesome!

LOL!! That was a cute story. The things that happen in the life of a parent. Ha!

Speaking of poop stories... Whenever one of my children complains of a stomach ache, I automatically ask them if they have to poop. Well, when my son was 3, we were in the checkout line in Target, and I happened to say that my stomach wasn't feeling good. So, my son blurts out, "Mom, do you have to go poop?!". LOL!! I didn't answer him because I was hoping it would go away, but no such luck. He said it even louder the second time. HA!! I was so embarassed. :)

the chilicool said...

Amazing green and pink!!!!


Nikell said...

ROFL! That sounds like something my little brother would do. Makes me look forward to the craziness that'll take place when I have kids (^_^)

BTW...Love the shoes!!

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

ah ah a I would have done the same as you!!!
Your son is Amazing and dear LV you look gorgeous in green!!!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Kat asecondglance said...

Ah LV your son is such a little optimist! I'm looking forward to the adventures that come with parenting, including ones like these where no one was hurt and you will be able to look back and laugh. I've heard that type of hem referred to as a handkerchief hem, and I'm on the fence too. I think it depends what kind of dress they're used on. You wear it well!

Whitney Cosgrave said...

those booties are SO cute!

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Cute addition of the pink heels with the green dress. I never would have though to do that.

Oh to Be a Muse
Shop Layered Muse said...

Green is your color. Love the accessories and the bag. Yes, this happened to my sister many years ago and she did pass that penny, horrible part was my mom had to look through her stool to make sure. Gross!

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