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Friday, June 21, 2013

Pizzeria Mozza (LV's LA)

I don't really need an excuse to try great pizza, especially when the restaurant is owned by Mario Batali,  Nancy Silverton, and John Bastianich. But my excuse for indulging in some great wood fired pizza is my six year old son.  He loves pizza. I mean he could seriously eat it every day and never get tired of it. 

So I told him that if we are going to be regular consumers of pizza, he might as well become a pizza connoisseur and experience what an amazing pizza is supposed to taste like, so we plan to explore the best of the best pizza in Los Angeles. Pizzeria Mozza was the first on our hit list of must try pizza joints in the City of Angels.

Pizzeria Mozza is located in the heart of Hollywood on Melrose and Highland

This wall of herbs caught my attention

The ambiance is chic and casual
It is very loud, crowded and energetic. The seating is a little cramped, so it is very likely you can hear conversations at the next table. Did I mention that it is really loud?

We munched on these crunchy breadsticks while I perused the menu
We started with some fresh bread and olive oil. It was quite tasty and my little guy loved it. I always enjoy having delicious freshly baked bread at restaurants. This was so good I was tempted to get some to take home. Low carb eating be damned.
So delicious
The crust and sauce was unbelievable.  Crackling puffy edges slightly charred from the wood burning oven. This Margherita pizza was my son's favorite.
This sausage and fennel  pizza was very robust in flavor with a generous topping of fennel and red onion to balance the sausage.
This was one of my favorites. Pineapple and Speck, which is a thin Italian Ham. This has paper thin slices of fresh pineapple, speck and Jalapeno. I loved the sweet hint of pineapple and that heat from the Jalapeno. Great Flavor combo.

Our pizza spread! Would you believe there was more that could not fit on the table? We love food.

Delicious Coke, but this is not just any Coke. This is Mexican Coca Cola. Their is a huge difference in the taste because Mexican Coke has pure cane sugar and not the high fructose corn syrup that is in most American sodas.

I have never had Jalapeno Peppers on pizza, but it was such a great contrast to the sweet Pineapple
This simple Margherita Pizza was full of great flavor.
This strawberry Gelato pie was tasty, but I was disappointed because I had a hankering for the Meyers Lemon Gelato pie my foodie friends have raved about and they did not have it. It's a seasonal item and I am sure it is amazing.

 Great ambiance and perfect for my little foodie in training:-)  I could not convince him to try the dessert, so I had to eat them both

 The Butterscotch Budino is the signature dessert and I am sure it probably has 5 million calories. It was rich, sweet, and had a nice layer of Fleur de Sel on top. The Pine Nut and Rosemary cookies on the side were the perfect complement.  I could not finish it, but blame it on the pizza.

The left over pizza went home with us and it was great as a midnight snack. I really wanted to be greedy and finish all of it at the restaurant, but as good as it was, I just couldn't. 

The prices are a  little more than most of us are used to paying for pizza, but I thought it was well worth it for the quality of the dining experience we had and the artisan quality of the pizza. You should check it out if you haven't already and be sure to make reservations to avoid a long wait.

Pizzeria Mozza
641 North HighlandAve
Hollywood, CA 90036

Pizzeria Mozza
800 West Coast Highway
Newport Beach, CA 92663


Miss Dre said...

This place looks awesome and the pizza looks so delicious! Looks like your son is well on his way to becoming a pizza connoisseur!

Elisa K said...

oh wow! these pizzas look yummy!

Emmy said...! Pizza heaven! My kiddos would love this place too:) And that gelato one...yummo:) Thanks for the pics, LV. Have a fab Saturday!

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