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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ugo Italian Cafe (LV's LA)

There is just something you gotta love about a great Italian Bistro. Pasta and great bread and great bread. Did I say they have great bread? Ugo's is one of those perfect spots for a pre-movie cocktail, mocktail, or a great cappucino. This is a restaurant where the libations are the star.  I started off with pizza and Arancini then indulged in Rigatoni and Tiramisu with Cappucino, but I kept lusting over the amazing drinks I saw on other peoples tables. And then I just had to have one. Have you ever seen something that just looked so amazing you had to have it? The drinks look and taste UH-MAZING! If you don't listen to anything else I say, listen to this: "Order the Pesca Con Vino" I promise you will leave smiling:-)
 I actually think I enjoyed my drinks and dessert more than the actual meal, but you will definitely find lots of satisfying Italian favorites such as the Rigatoni Alla Sorrentina, or Lasagna, delicious pizza and a delicious basket of freshly baked bread. This is a spot where I love to dine Al Fresco and it is a spot I love to take my son  for Gelato. We have a great time here when the weather is warm.
 This pizza with buffalo mozzarella was very tasty and although it was vegetarian, it was quite satisfying.

Aracini on a bed of Marinara Sauce, If you have never tired this dish, these are rice balls with mozzarella and salami that are deep fried.

This outdoor dining area is perfect for relaxing and enjoying a little bit of Italy in Los Angeles:-)

 The indoor dining area is lovely and quiet enough to actually have a conversation without having to yell. There is an adjacent wine bar, and a dessert display of  delectable treats including many amazing gelato flavors.

 Fresh bread and olive oil with aged balsamic vinegar. Delicious!

 There is nothing like a great cup of cappuccino

 The perfect sweet ending was Tiramisu in a chocolate cup. YUM!

Ugo's is a great neighborhood spot and if you love drinks that taste like dessert this is the place for you. I am not a big drinker, but I love cocktails that make me feel like I am having an indulgent dessert. The noteworthy drinks I recommend are: The Pesca Con Vino, which is peach gelato ice blended with Sauvignon White Wine, or the Champagne Gelato Cocktail that has rich creamy Vanilla Gelato a splash of Champagne and a raspberry garnish . Both drinks are swoon worthy:-) 

The vibe at Ugo's is casual and reservations are not required.   After enjoying your meal, you can linger over your drink, walk around the many shops in the area, or catch a movie. I must warn you that these delicious libations are not cheap. Try $13.00 to sip and smile. But sometimes you need a sweet treat:-)

Ugo's Italian Cafe
3863 Cardiff Ave
Culver City, CA


Isabel.L said...

They look so yummy ! You have a lovely blog dear, I just followed you. Hope you visit mine and follow back if you like. I blog about fashion and outfits from Stockholm. Have a nice weekend :)


Emmy said...

Great pics, LV! Those aracinis look soooo good!

Anonymous said...

You had me with the close-up of your rigatoni!

kita said...

Love the pictures the chocolate cup is adorable and I need that pizza for my meatless days that I am going to start soon.

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