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Friday, October 19, 2012


Happy Friday loves! I hope you have been having a great week.  Although it is mid October, I am still wearing summer clothes due to a current heat wave. Weather, just like life is unpredictable. I want to share with you the power of a story. But before I do that, I need to let you know how much you find out about life and people if you just listen.  

Somebody recently told me that although everyone has a story no one cared about my story and whatever storms I have gone through in my life, I should just get over it because no one cares. What that misguided person didn't understand is that people do care about my story and they care about yours too. If we didn't care about stories, movies wouldn't be made, books wouldn't be written and blogs would not be created. The truth is way better than fiction. Do you want to know the power of a story? Keep reading.

Little Tokyo is where I go when I want some delicious barbecue chicken and kimchee or a fusion taco. Or to have some green tea mochi, but today was different. 

Today I was in that reflective place where I did not want to talk. I just wanted to listen.

Rather than my usual lunch companions, I decided to dine alone. I am so glad I did because if I had been in the company of others, I would have missed what was happening around me. I listen. and I listen very intently to what people say and what they don't say. Someone once told me that God gave us two ears and one mouth because listening is more important. Do you agree?

At the quaint restaurant where I dined on Korean Barbecue, I was listening intently to everything around me and observing the people having lunch. This is what I heard: "It's been a year since I lost Jimmy"  and then at the next table: "If we bring you on and meet our objectives, your full salary will be your bonus" and then I heard:  "I don't watch reality TV shows, my life is enough" and then nestled at a corner table was a young woman reading
"The Art of War". So around me was loss, the potential of gain, and someone preparing for a battle.

My attention zeroed in on the table of men discussing bonuses and incentives. It became very clear after a few moments that the one that held the most power was the one who said the least. He listened intently and said little while they wooed him with flattery over his development that they hoped to profit from. The less he said, the more they talked to fill in the space.  And when he spoke, it was direct and deliberate. They hung on his words like they were a parachute. This was no rookie. He was seasoned in a way you wouldn't be unless you have been burned before. He listened and then he asked the right questions. I could tell from the look in his eye that he was going to leave the deal on the table because he knew he deserved better than what they were offering. 

 Its an important lesson to learn that you don't have to take something just because its offered.  Real Talk:  they already knew his value, but were hoping he didn't.

Life Lesson: Know your worth

The woman who lost her loved one chatted about taking a trip to Mexico and the woman reading The Art of War took a deep breath, clutched her book under her arm and walked out. She was ready to ante up and somebody was about to get served.  I wish I knew her story.  What's your story?  Do other peoples stories move you? I know they move me.

Your story is always relevant. Someone will find empowerment, encouragement or change course because of your story. And if you don't like your story, just turn the page and start a new chapter.

They say eyes are the window to the soul.  My friends often comment on the way my eyes change colors depending on the season and in some cases how I feel. People often ask, "is that your real eye color?" And I say yes, God gave them to me. That response always gets a smile out of someone:-)

What you do and how you do it, what you say and how you say it is impacting someone else, whether you realize it or not.

Top: System, Jeans: JC Penney, Shoes: Target, Clutch: DIY, Necklace: Body Central, Wisdom: GOD

 The people I admire the most in life, the biographies I like to read are about people with a story to tell.  Stories of courage, tenacity, status quo rejecting, dream catching and fire starting, especially in the face of challenges and opposition. 
 have you ever noticed that fireflies are attracted to other fireflies?
 Whats your story? I bet its a page turner. I know mine is. I think someone should make it into a mini series:-)

 Have an amazing day!


Haylie said...

Wonderful post!! I totally agree with you that everyones story is important. You are a very powerful speaker :)


Haylie said...
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Stephanie Lam said...

Love those heels!!! You look gorgeous!!

PS. I'd love it if you could visit my blog and follow me if you like it!! :)


Gail and Rhoda said...

You are amazing and an amazing writer! I appreciate you sharing this. You also are very beautiful, and I agree, God doesn't make mistakes and knowing how valuable we really are can change our lives and those around us. Have a wonderful weekend!

Oluwaseun Sodunke said...

Everyone does has a story and I like the one you've shared! Listening is definitely better than being a talkative.

A good listener knows when to speak, what to say and how to say. God is a great example of a good listener. Those tears we cry and complaints we make; He listens and when He speaks, His words are powerful.

I like the top your're wearing! Cute necklace too! :)

LV said...

@Haylie, thanks beautiful for the love

@Stephanie, thanks Steph, these are among my favorite shoes and they are so comfy even though the heels are high

@Gail and Rhoda, thanks loves, I couldn't have said it better myself. God does not make mistakes

@Oluwaseun, Thanks Doll, your kind words mean alot:-)

Lisa said...

Those shoes are incredible. You look like a beautiful, statuesque column. Great outfit.

Ticka said...

AH-MA-ZING!!!! Nothing short of it!!

This is what stuck with me the most "What you do and how you do it, what you say and how you say it is impacting someone else, whether you realize it or not."

I hear people walking and talking all the time, and we all do it like it's nothing. Someone, somewhere hears us, and it's speaking to them one way or another.

I love your shoes (I have the same ones), And the colors in that top are just too cute!

YUMMommy said...

Everybody has a story to tell that could benefit another in some way. I enjoy getting to know people by hearing their stories and what they have been through.

Law_Fal said...

Wonderful post!

~Jeimy~ said...

gorgeous look love the top and how you paired them with those beautiful leopard shoes!

Frannie Pantz said...

You are such a beautiful writer! How dare someone say that no one cares to hear your story! I totally agree with you. I love hearing other people's stories--their triumphs, their sadness, their frustration, their milestones. It is so important in life. You have to be a pretty self centered person to not care about other people's stories! And how boring! I've had plenty of people inspire me with their stories, teach me with their stories and make me smile with their stories and I have done the same to others! I would love if you made this a mini-series! I understand when some bloggers don't want to talk about their lives on their blogs, but I am always more drawn to those that do. I love your blog. Your writing and your stories and your inspiring words are what brings me and keeps me. Your on point style is just a bonus! And for the record, you DO have the most beautiful eyes. I do hope you keep this writing up!

Sidra said...

Hi LV! Thanks for visiting my blog. When I saw that you made a comment I was like "wait no way, this is not who I think it is" The reason I said that is because I've been low key stalking your blog since the early summer. BTW I love the mix of prints with your outfit. This was a lovely post thanks for sharing.

Metajojuana Nyt said...

Great blog!! Love all your pics!! Would you like to follow each other?

BIG hair LOUD mouth

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

Lv your are so wise, I loved this post and I totally agree with you, listening (not hearing) is very important in our lives!!
And you my dear look stunning in this outfit! I love that necklace!
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Kate said...

love your shoes!:)
xx Kate

Rosalinda Tjioe said...

Loving the simple yet chic outfit! xx

Nikell said...

This was a great post and full of truth!! I needed to read this today.

The first part of Revelations 12:11 says "And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb and by the word of their testimony..."
Hearing the stories of others is often what uplifts us and inspires us and to move forward. (^_^)

BTW...I love that clutch!!

Karen said...

Love the shirt and the accessories! Great way to tie in different patterns and prints!


Rachel said...

Love your photos - I'm planning on heading down there next weekend!

Sincerely Mally said...

What a lovely mix of prints!!! very cute hun!


P.S: Stop by to wish my blog its first anniversary!!!


Thanks for the comment, Im trying to follow you on Bloglovi but your link isn't working. Can you link me so I can follow you back!


Rocio Otero said...

estas guapisima! los zapatos son increibles!

Bravoe Runway said...

I love this outfit and the last time I ate Korean Bbq i was a kid so I have no recollection. Sounds like a fun wknd.

Nicoleta_B said...

Thats so lovely!

Inspiring blog do you have here.

we can follow each other if you want.
(via gfc, bloglovin, facebook).

Lots of kisses,


Carsedra McKoy said...

Reading your post are always insightful and powerful!!

Great look as well!!

Carsedra of:

Rachel Hall said...

I love the shoes! Fierce!

XO Rachel

Guru Uru said...

Your photos are incredible as is your fashion :D

Choc Chip Uru

Oh to Be a Muse said...

Yes, I think you managed to learn a lot simply by deciding to dine alone one day. Everyone has a good story worth telling. Thanks for sharing this post!

Btw, lovely design on the back of your top.

Style4Curves said...

I told a bit of my story in a recent blogpost but most people would never believe the things I have gone thru. this post touched me.

Sing of Sing'ature Style said...

What a cool blouse. Looks like a lovely day.

Izumi Bogen said...

I love your shoes! Is this little tokyo?

xx. Hybrid Hunter

follow each other?

sonia de macedo said...

What a great post! Loved reading about your day amongst the style post! Love those heels!


Whitney James said...

Great pics and words as well. I agree that listening is SO important.


erica said...

You are the most glamorous person ever. xx

Fashionista said...

I LOVED this post. You are right..we all have stories. Everyone's story is important and serves a purpose. Listening is important,too. We should take time to listen and embrace people's stories. Nicely done!!! xo

MissRockwell said...

Again great points. I love hearing people's stories because there is always some important tidbit that I get from them. I do think it's important to tell my story as well. I guess the key here is to know when it time to talk versus time to listen.

Vivi N. said...

Cute hi-low top and liking the mix of prints with the leopard shoes.

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