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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Hey, do you wanna eat a fake donut?  Don’t look at me like that.  No, seriously they are called fonuts.

The word Faux means fake. Right?  If you are expecting the fried flaky variety you grew up eating, you might be disappointed.  Fried and dripping with glaze, it aint. Deliciously different, it is!

If unusual flavors is what you love, Fonuts might be just what you are looking fo.   These delectable delights wont clog your arteries and come wheat and gluten free. These fonuts are baked rather than fried., but let me tell you these baby's are dense dense dense, not even close to a real donut, so lets all put that out of our mind and call this what it is, a very  tasty fake donut.  If you are Vegan there are some great options here for your grazing pleasure.

The texture is definitely cakey and more reminiscent of a muffin with a hole in it than a donut, but they are yummy indeed.  I tried the  lemon, strawberry buttermilk, rosemary olive oil, bacon maple, red velvet, blueberry Earl Grey and glazed.  I have never had red velvet in the form of a donut, but I was pleasantly surprised. The lemon was tart and flavorful and the strawberry buttermilk, I could eat all day every day. 

The bacon maple was intriguing and reminded me of pancakes with bacon. You know that sweet salty flavor the bacon gets after it swims in the syrup on your plate? Yeah, its just like that:-)

The loser in the bunch was the glazed. Sorry, but with so many other choices, it was boring. If you want a plain glazed donut go to a corner donut shop and get one, not here.

 Look at all that good ol cruncby sweet bacon, umm  umm


Earl Grey blueberry.  Yes someone went and made a donut out of my breakfast drink.  And shut the front door. It was good!

These treats are tasty , but they have a cute price tag at roughly $3.00 for a fonut, you could have a dozen at any donut shop in Los Angeles, but that wouldn’t be quite the same would it?

 Fonuts, you gotta love it. Only in Los Angeles, LOL
 Such a great variety of flavors

 this cute little spot is where you make your coffee extra special:-)

And you can sip and nibble to your hearts content
 This strawberry buttermilk fonut is a winner

Vanilla Latte, great for those days when you want to eat your coffee

Red Velvet, she is a sweet sugar fix. Red velvet fonut, cream cheese icing and sprinkles. Yes Please!

So, do you wanna try a fake donut? Aw come on, if you can eat tofu,you can eat a fake donut:-)

8104 West 3rd Street
 Los Angeles, CA  
(323) 592-3075


Tai Nycole said...

I'm not a huge fan of donuts but the idea of a fonut IS intriguing. Especially the buttermilk one!

Joyful said...

What can I say but YUM!

Leslie said...

What a great idea! I love donuts but don't usually eat them .. Great post and I'll look forward to trying these when I visit L.A.


Val said...

Now this place is right up my alley.

Anonymous said...

how interesting! they sound delicious :)


Cathleen said...

This is hilarious! I've never heard of such a place! I love it!

Francesca Romana Capizzi said...

why why why i left LA???????????
Don't Call Me Fashion Blogger

Sarah Stright said...

I keep hearing talking about donuts with bacon and I just don't know what to think about it. Although now I'm DYING for a donut!! (a real one.)

angiejenkins2011 said...

This is a great review. I love the way you write. I was laughing when reading some of this:-)

angiejenkins2011 said...

Bacon donuts huh? LOL

Sing said...

OH my word, now I want a donut!

Inez said...

Oh my is that bacon?! Looks yummy!

Kaitlyn Yoo said...

oh man! i love here!!!
I feel less guilty by eating donuts there!
what a heaven haha

btw, i love your blog!
I am a person who finds yummie restaurant and just any great places around LA too!
would you mind following each others?

Pinkbow Icecream

CEO(angie stone) said...

Eeow! Interesting.

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