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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Cranbery Salsa!

Hi Sweeties! As I promised, there will be lots of scrumptious recipes for you to try this week! In  fact, I am giving you a double dose today. Tune in again after 7:00 and there will be another unique Thanksgiving recipe for you to try:-) Today I am sharing my cranberry salsa recipe with you. This is that perfect recipe to serve to your guests while they are anxiously waiting for that amazing turkey and everyone is whispering among themselves "when is dinner going to be ready?" This refreshing salsa is sweet with a little heat. That could actually describe some of  us, huh? LOL

You can adjust the heat on this salsa by removing the seeds from the Jalapeno pepper, but I wanted to bring the fire, so I left half of them in. I am bringing the heat baby! This salsa  is very flavorful with a little kick at the end. There are lots of delicious flavors that blend together to make this super tasty and the preparation for this is quick and easy. I like to serve this with tortilla chips. If you want some next level deliciousness, spread a layer of cream cheese on a dish and pour this on top. It is crazy good! perfect with crackers or tortilla chips.


1 12 ounce package fresh cranberries
1 Jalapeno pepper
1/4 cup green onion chopped
1/4 cup cilantro chopped
3/4 cup sugar
1/4 teaspoon cumin
2 tablespoons lime juice
dash salt

optional (cream cheese)

Directions: put your cranberries and jalapeno pepper in a mini chopper or food processor. Pulse until the cranberries are chopped, but still a little chunky. Chop up green onion and cilantro into small pieces. Add all ingredients and mix together. Refrigerate for at least a few hours to allow cranberries to soften a little and for flavors to blend.

I promise you this is ridiculously delicious!

I am trying to tempt you. Is it working? Can you see those fresh chunks of jalapeno and cilantro? This will definitely tickle your taste buds.

Next level deliciousness. Pour the salsa on top of cream cheese!



Carsedra said...

This looks delicious!! I don't eat cranberry sauce, but I would try this!!

Carsedra of:

Yukari - The Kitchen Fairy said...

OMG! This looks sooo yummy! I am sure it will be delicious even on top of brie cheese! Love your blog! :)

sacramento said...

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh so delicious!!!

Anonymous said...

I have had the best time perusing your blog, I love the food AND the fashion! I can't wait to come back!

MalanB™ said...

Wow this is a great recipe for thanksgiving. I am going to try this out with my family this year. Love your blog btw!

Chocolate, Cookies & Candies said...

Oh my! This looks utterly delectable! I've never tried fresh cranberries before but you've inspired me to now especially after seeing these photos.

Vale said...

Beautiful pics!!!i'm following you!!!if you like mine, do the same!!

Meena said...

This looks yum!!

ASingleMothersJourney said...

This looks great and so creative!

Tatiana B. said...

Seems delicious!! :)

I love your blog, follow each other? It would be great!

LV said...

@Carsedra, this is definitely not your typical cranberry sauce. I think you will love this!
@ Yukari, the kitchen Fairy, I think it would be awesome on Brie cheese too!
@Sacramento, it is indeed delicious! I hope you try it!
@mamasgottobake, I am thrilled that you are enjoying the blog. I would be thrilled if you come back:-)
@MalanB, thank you dear and welcome to my world:-) @Chocolates, cookies & Candy, Fresh cranberries are amazing! @Vale, Welcome Doll and thank you for following,
@Meena, thank you and you should try it!
@ A Singlemothers journey, this would be great for your Thanksgiving celebration! @TatianaB, thank you and yes absolutely!

Sing said...

Wow, looks good. Thanks for the tips you left for me, appreciate that.

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou said...

This looks DELICIOUS! What a fabulous recipe to add a little surprising zing to Thanksgiving ... loved your comment about we girls being sweet and hot .. LOL! So cute. The fact that this salsa is lying upon cream cheese does push it right over the top in deliciousness! Thanks so much for sharing, darling.

Oh ... and thank you for dropping by Ooh La Frou Frou ... left you a teensy note in response at ... have a wonderful week! xoxo

Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou
This Week: "Anticipation"

LV said...

@Sing, anytime Doll, its my pleasure
@ Sandy at Ooh La Frou Frou, thank you sweetie!

Francesca R said...

I want to try it! i hope I won't mess up with your receipe!!

dimitri said...

This looks so delicious ! Like Francesca, i want to try it.

LV said...

@Francesa, you must try it and you won't mess it up:-)

@Dimitri, I hope you try it too!

Temporary:Secretary said...

i LOVE Salsa, and this is something i'd definitely try! x

Anonymous said...

Love this salsa rendition! So creative!

Hillary said...

That looks so good! I just made cranberry chutney, but now, I want to try this too!

laura said...

omg... this DOES look super delish! Gonna try it sooon!
♥ laura
the blog of worldly delights
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Sandra said...

Got to tell you I love what you presented over family would go bananas over this salsa! Wonderfully done!!!!

JustPatience said...

Looks really good. Beautiful photography.

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Mary Ann said...

OMG, the cranberry salsa looks amazing! I forwarded it to my mom so we can hopefully make it at Christmas (since I'll be out of town over Tgiving!).

Amy said...

wow!!This is so delicious...& now I am craving for cranberry!!oops!!I really want to taste...
Midweek Fiesta @every Wednesday

Inez| Style Chic 360 said...

Oh my that looks delish!

Bespoke Biddie said...

I'm totally cursing cyber space for only just now allowing me to grace your blog
HUGE FAN AM I ... You might have a stalker on your hands love


Melissa said...

I can't wait to make this next week. Looks amazing! I am loving your blog in general!

Melissa said...

I just made this tonight for Thanksgiving tonight and you are not kidding - this stuff is fantastic! I can't stop tasting. I should have doubled the recipe!

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