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Friday, May 27, 2011

Friday Flow

I decided to kick a little flow today. We have explored fashion and food and now it is time for you to experience my flow.  This poem like a lot of my writing, was sparked by a conversation.

A man asked me recently what it takes to get close to me and what I want in a man. I thought about it.  And it took me a millisecond to answer it. This poem expresses my sentiment.  Let me know your thoughts.

You better make me smile

I need to smile like theres a million dollar check
In my mailbox
And you better not hurt me
But make me smile
The way I did when I held my son in my arms
After ten hours of labor
Make me smile
A child on Christmas morning
That still believes in Santa Claus
A smile Like I just got  paid and its Friday night

I don’t need a stone set
And matching baguettes
But a smile?

You better make me smile
Because a big d*** and good looks
Is like a carbonated drink
It gets flat after a while

And if you can’t make me smile
You need to inspire me
Like speed chasing light
Or Bach adding another note to the symphony
Or Jesus walking on water

And if you cant inspire me
You need to encourage me
I mean pull out the pom poms when I’m losing the game
Or jump off that cliff baby
I’ll catch you if your wings aren’t strong enough to make you fly

And if you cant inspire me
Maybe you can ignite me
Light me up like a trail of fire
Chasing fuel
Or Mercury flirting with Venus
And if you can’t inspire or ignite me


You need to celebrate me
I’m talking cherry bombs burst, fireworks big production bang
Roll out the red carpet because I’m comin
Kiss my daddy for making me
Butter cream frosting on moist cake
Distill your own wine because
They don’t make one with enough complex notes and flavor to capture my effervescence

And if you can’t inspire, encourage, ignite, or celebrate me?
 if you can’t do any of that?
The least you can do
Is make me




Catina said...

L.V. I didn't know you were this awesome writer? THIS should be published!

Anonymous said...

Nice! I hear a poetry slam calling your name.

Inez of Style Chic....360 said...

Girl that was great!!! Loved it! Smile!

Julie Khuu said...

OoooOooweeee! You tell him honey!!! Love this post...straight from your heart and right into his...Love your sense of self's SO DANG refreshing to hear a woman speak freely about what she deserves and how she won't stop til she gets it! Amen to that!!

Happy Weekend Doll!

Peace. Love. LOL!

Haute Khuuture Blog

Francesca R said...

That's a surprise! This poem is so beautiful!
I am speechless

Bonnie said...

I love the flow! You should flow more often.
I really like that word.
Twitter: @GlamKitten88

Shasie said...

Wow girl! I love the "FLOW" side of you!!! This poem is great, and I love how it was inspired and the message it says.

Live Life in Style

ChiccaStyle said...

WOW,this poetry is simply beautiful!!!Thanks for sharing and have a nice weekend,

Marie-Renée said...

thank you so much (:

Randy said...

LV, You have raised the bar! The Men of this Nation have to stand up, take notice and start Celebrating,Encouraging, and Inspiring these women of today. The reward will be worth the effort.

Kat said...

This brought a smile to my face. I like the line 'Kiss my daddy for making me'. I'm looking forward to future flow posts!

Zarna said...

you're a great writer - this is fantastic!

CEO(angie stone) said...

Fantastic!!!!! Ya'll didn't know she was a great writer! I thought ya'll knew. check it! check it! Don't wreck it! wreck it!

J'Adore Fashion said...

Awesome writing--love it!


Sophie said...

Nice. It's so refreshing to hear from new poets. said...

It's cute, it's witty, it's clever,it's stylish and it's moving! I love it!

I agree with some comment above! You should be published!

PS: I just found out your blog! How gorgeous you are!

Francesca R said...

This is actually a wonderful post.
And you are gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I love your poem. The conversational tone of it really flows. There is so much I ican say about it. Hopefully, we'll get to talk about it soon. Smiles!!

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