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Monday, April 11, 2011

Kentucky Derby Style


The Kentucky Derby is an amazing event that draws excited fans from all over the world who want to experience the three things the Derby is known for: Horses, Kentucky Derby Hats and Mint Juleps.
The Kentucky Derby itself, is a thoroughbred horse race held at Churchill Downs in Louisvillle Kentucky on the first Saturday in May.

This annual horse racing tradition dates back to 1783 and is rich in pride and heritage. Wearing a hat to the
Kentucky Derby dates back to 1875. The tradition carried over from the United Kingdoms Royal Ascot.
I have every intention of  heading to Churchill Downs to experience the Kentucky Derby at least once in my life. Circumstances did not allow me to attend this year, but I was able to experience a bit of the Derby in California this past weekend when the Santa Anita Race Track hosted their annual Derby Day.

It was a fun filled day and a great excuse to wear a big beautiful hat and vibrant dress to express my inner Southern belle. It was very cold, so half of the day, my summery coral dress was covered up with a teal
trench coat.


Hat: JC Penney,  Hanbag: JC  Pennney Dress: F-21, Nude Peep Toe Platforms: Ninewest, Ring: H&M, Braceket: Los Angeles Fashion District

I Love this pump and it is actually quite comfortable

My family is Southern and although the Mint Julep is Southern in origin, this was not a drink I ever experienced until recently. When I was younger, I used to imagine sitting in a porch swing, lags dangling prissy dress on and a mint julep in my hand.

I often saw this drink perched in the hands of those classic Southern Belle types and I used to fantasize that one day this would be me. Sippin, swingin, drinkin and looking every bit like one of those polished money havin, horse betting, petticoat wearing, mint julep drinkin, dibbet stompin, pretty hat wearin, Southern women.

The Mint Julep fantasy followed me in technicolor.

It called me until I could not resist it anymore.I finally decided to experience a Mint Julep to make my day at the Derby complete. My drink came in a tall, beautiful, cold, frosty glass rimmed with sugar and mint leaves dancing among crushed iced and bourbon. It looked every bit as enticing as I had imagined. I  could not wait for the cool refreshing drink to wet my palate and titillate my senses. And then it happened.

I WAS IN LOVE! That is until I tasted the Mint Julep. My lips touched the side of the glass and I took a big swig. WTF!!!!!! The words coming out of my mouth were more like a truck driver than a Southern Belle.

There was nothing dainty or demure about this drink. I had been bamboozled into drinking what tasted like Mint leaf moonshine.

Ever had a fantasy that didn't turn out the way you thought?

As much as I wanted to love Mint Julep, she was too obnoxious for me.

If you want to live dangerously and have a rendezvous with Mint Julep, here is the recipe:

Mint Julep
2 tablespoons superfine sugar
10 spearmint leaves plus extra for garnish
1/2 cup Kentucky Bourbon
1-2 tablespoons simple syrup

Moisten a glass and dip in sugar

Put mint leaves and simple syrup into a glass. Crush leaves gently with a pestle. fill to the brim with crushed ice then pour bourbon over crushed ice. Garnish with mint leaves.


Tammy said...

loving the color of your dress.. Very cute!

Meagan said...

Great post idea! I live right outside Louisville and always watch the derby just to see the fashion and you hit the nail on the head. You look great!

Like Mousse Au Choco said...

Thanks for commenting & following my blog. Im also happy finding your lovely blog !!Im following you now too...
Miss, you look great, lovely smile you have!! and these colors amazing !!! kissess

Anonymous said...

your hat is fabulous! i love the bright pink on you

Fashion.MakeUp.LifeStyle said...

Looking so fabulous doll..I want to go to one of these events so i can wear a hat like yours.
Love it

Catina said...

Love the hat and your colors pop!

Anonymous said...

love that dress!
great colourful outfit and blog,

Courtney Laura said...

this is beautiful! i love the brights and i LOVE pink and blue!

thanks for your sweet comment :)

come back soon!


Ife' said...

wow, that hat is GORGEOUS!!! and that coral color is breathtaking. You look so beautiful, and perfect for the Derby.

Sounds like you had a great time!

Eboni Ife'
The Fashionista Next Door

ClosetConfections said...

I LOVE your hat! It looks like you had a great time at the races. I'm a lightweight when it comes to drinking, so I'd better hold off on the mint julep, lol.

Closet Confections - A Personal Style Blog

Shasie said...

So love the hat! The entire look is great. I really like blue and pink. I don't think I've ever worn that color combination!

Michelle's Style File said...

Your hat is awesome!


LV said...

Kendra, I am a lightweight drinker too! LOl. The Mint Julep experience reaffirmed that for me.

Anonymous said...

Hi LV (love), coral and turqoise are great colors for you. What about light pink or yellow shoes to tie in the pastel colors of your hat? I appreciate your visits to my blog ;D

Anonymous said...

Please disregard previous comment: I see that color on your pretty hat is a straw which matches your pumps. Not that everything has to match : D

ChiccaStyle said...

OMG,stunning outfit!!!Love the color and the style and you look amazing!!!So chic,lovely!
new follower!

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

so lovely. x hivenn

Fashion Mom said...

waw! you look amazing! love the color of your dress and accessories, love your jewels also. You are so elegant xxx

KellyAnn said...

lol the last mint julep I tasted totally kicked me in the mouth too.
I absolutely love that hat. the colors are fabulous and the wide brim must have looked perfect for the occassion.
I also love the bright blue coat with the vibrant coral of the dress. good stuff!

Lisa said...

You look beautiful - it must have been such fun! x

Anula said...!These pictures are amazing! Love your outfit! You look very beautiful! Have a wonderful weekend!

Ash said...

Ummm... Can we say LOVE this whole look! Because I sure do!

The Powder Room

Wendy said...

lol ... I love how you've told this story, but I think I'll pass on the drink. I am in love with your dress, actually the complete outfit... it's absolutely stunning. You have such a beautiful way of carrying yourself - I'm rather envious :-)

ChanelAfterCoco said...

I'm in love with this outfit!

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