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Saturday, July 20, 2013

Masa of Echo Park (LV's LA)

I love a good deep dish Chicago Pizza. I have been to Chicago a few times and I know first hand what a really good Chicago pizza tastes like. Masa of Echo Park comes pretty darn close to what I have experienced in Chicago. Thick buttery crust. How thick? How about 2 inches of crust topped with a great sauce and enough cheese and toppings to feed all of your hungry friends. Did I mention that I got full on one slice? 

This pizza joint has an old school meets hipster vibe in the heart of Echo Park and a stone's throw from Silverlake. After our experience at Pizzeria Mozza, I promised my son that  we would venture all over the City of Angels in search of delicious pizzas that tantalize our taste-buds. Masa did not disappoint us, the deep dish pizza was massive and very filling. 

The sauce and the crust were the first things I noticed. The sauce was on top of the cheese and very fresh and flavorful and the crust was scrumptious. The thick  layer of cheese, delicious sauce and a cornucopia of fresh veggies and Italian sausage and pepperoni satisfied our pizza craving. My little guy also wanted his usual cheese pizza, so we tried a traditonal thin crust, which was good, but could not compare to their signature, eat it with a knife and fork deep dish pizza.

 The experience started with a loaf of warm fresh bread

And this farm to table green salad with a variety of mixed salad greens and a Dijon Vinaigrette

How is this for a thick crust?

 Yes, it was soooo good

Much too thick and substantial to eat with your hands. Yep, you need a knife and fork. This is the real deal.

Even my little guy is amazed at this pizza

Deep dish and traditional

My son is on his way to becoming a pizza connoisseur

Whats not to love about Chicago Pizza?

Who knew Echo Park was such a happening area?

Very eclectic vibe.  We liked it:-)

What can I say? good food makes us really happy:-)

The outdoor area on the side and front of the restaurant are perfect for dining out and people watching, but we chose to dine indoors and enjoy the air conditioning.

And of course, I had to linger over a cup of coffee and dessert. I decided to order bread pudding. I have always hated bread pudding. Never liked it.

Until now. This is hands down the best bread pudding I have ever had in my life. Bread pudding made with croissants, a rich custard and hints of chocolate and a whirlwind of caramel. Talk to me now...

Masa is the perfect spot when you want a damn good and filling pizza, but much too indulgent to eat all the time. The cool folks at Masa gave me a tip that if you are dining in, just call in your pizza when you get halfway so that you don't have to wait the 45 minutes it takes to bake your deep dish pizza. Just tell them your name when you arrive and you are seated and your pizza will arrive with perfect timing.  Great advice because by the time we finished the bread and salad, the pizza was on the table.

We really enjoyed our meal and it is the kind of place where you can just relax and linger if you get there before the dinner crowd.
Mini me is thrilled that we get to take some pizza home. This is a great spot to come if you have children. The vibe is relaxed and unpretentiousPerfect family spot.

Masa of Echo Park
1800 Sunset Blvd
Los Angeles, CA 


Emmylou said... wonder the mini you looks soooo happy:D That is some pizza! And love the pic of the bread pudding too...drool....
Have a great Sunday to you both, LV:)

Shelly said...

WOW! The pizza looked absolutely amazing. Your son is too cute. I especially liked the pic of him hugging the pizza boxes. I know how he feels. Happy Sunday!

Unknown said...

That looks amazing! So delicious

t said...

That pizza looks really good!

angiejenkins2011 said...

Damn that looks so good! You sure eat at some amazing places. So cool that you expose Kaden to so much great food and culture. The picture of him hugging the boxes is just too cute.

MarkD60 said...

Now that looks good. My wife is on a diet and she likes thin n crispy crust now. You can eat a whole pizza by yourself and still be hungry.

174 iscrbyre

Unknown said...

Love seeing your happy faces after that good food. If you're open-minded about bread pudding, then do I have the recipe for you. Blueberry-white chocolate bread pudding with an amaretto-cream sauce. It's on one my to-do list for the blog someday!

Teems said...

Heeeeey How are you?
Cuteness and yumminess. I love it!

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